Sea Treasure Double Chest Plate SC0718_Necklace-1.jpg

Sea Treasure Double Chest Plate

from 120.00
Muskrat Ramble Necklace JawNecklace-2.jpg

Muskrat Ramble Necklace

Gator Paw Necklace Brass and Silver Gator Paws.jpg

Gator Paw Necklace

from 120.00
Sea Urchin Spine Necklace Sea Urchin Spine Silver.jpg

Sea Urchin Spine Necklace

from 85.00
CicadaWing_Gold_Laying_92215.jpg CicadaWing_Gold_Hanging_92215.jpg

Tymbal Cicada Wing Necklace

from 70.00
Spider Crab Necklace SpiderCrab_Gold_Laying_92215.jpg

Spider Crab Necklace

from 98.00
Baby Crab Necklace BabyCrab_Silver_Laying_92615.jpg

Baby Crab Necklace

from 98.00
GrandClaw_Gold_Hanging_92215.jpg GrandClaw_Silver_Gold_Laying_92215.jpg

Grande Claw Necklace

from 98.00
La Petite Claw PetiteClaw_Gold_Laying_92215.jpg

La Petite Claw

from 55.00
Oyster_Gold_Laying_92215.jpg Oyster_Silver_Laying_92215.jpg

Oyster Shell Necklace

from 98.00
La Colombe Colombe_Gold_detail_92415.jpg

La Colombe

from 120.00
RolandGumball_Gold_Hanging_92215.jpg RolandGumball_Gold_Laying_92215.jpg

The Roland Gumball

Washington Okra WashOkra_SilverGold_Laying_92415.jpg

Washington Okra