Athena Pendant Athena Silver.jpg

Athena Pendant

from 98.00
Egg and Dart Necklace EggandDart_Gold_Laying.jpg

Egg and Dart Necklace

from 98.00
Louis XVI Pendant LouisXVINeck_Silver_Laying_92215.jpg

Louis XVI Pendant

from 55.00
Victory Medallion VictoryMedallion_Gold_Hanging_92215.jpg

Victory Medallion

from 65.00
Four Point Medallion FourPoint_Gold_Model_92215.jpg

Four Point Medallion

Pendulum_Combo_Laying_92215.jpg Pendulum_Gold_Hanging_92215.jpg

The Pendulum Necklace

from 98.00
Trellis Leaf Necklace TrellisLeaf_Gold_Laying_92215.jpg

Trellis Leaf Necklace

from 60.00